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Resolving commercial and civil disputes

David Laws is a highly experienced commercial litigation solicitor. He and his team can bring expertise and experience to bear on the resolution of commercial and civil disputes.

Legal Services for clients

Why litigation?

Although litigation is an occasional necessity, it is expensive, draining of management resource (if you are a business), and best avoided if possible.

David Laws and his team can find the most cost effective way for you to resolve any conflicts which might arise, in a business or personal context.

If you have a legal problem needing an empathetic and experienced approach do please get in touch with us.

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01603 871126

Cavell House, Stannard Place, St Crispins Road, Norwich, NR3 1YE

"Fantastic team building capacities, a fastidious approach to case preparation, weeding out the unnecessary and focussing on the critical, being an effective negotiator and having sound judgment – allied with a warmth and approachability to clients."

Simon Davenport QC

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