David Laws services provided


We have noticed an increase in enquiries from people (including businesses) seeking legal help and guidance in a manner that enables them to deal with their own matter but with the confidence of having received advice and perhaps even some drafting of legal documents or correspondence by a solicitor on their behalf.

As a consequence, we have created a separate arm to David Laws Solicitors, called ‘lawsonline’.

It is a separate and alternative online legal service designed to provide legal empowerment to you or your business at the same time as reducing the cost of doing so. The service is streamlined so as to leave you in control of and taking responsibility for your own legal matter if you feel capable of dealing with it yourself at significantly less cost but with guidance from us.

Through this process we provide what is known as an unbundled legal service which means that you are provided with a quote for specified segments of work only, leaving you in charge of your own case, significantly saving on legal costs overall and being in a position to carefully manage your budget.

For full details of this entirely alternative service, please click the following the link: www.lawsonline.co.uk.