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David Laws - Solicitor

David Laws (Solicitor – Principal)

David is a very experienced solicitor, specialising in commercial dispute resolution (otherwise referred to as commercial litigation); general litigation and mediation.

As a solicitor having for many years concentrated within these fields he had long perceived a need for a broader and more innovative approach to it – a means of delivering a high quality professional legal service in a much more accessible, personal and speedy manner than is conventionally possible. He has been described in a written reference from Simon Davenport (now QC) as having “fantastic team building capacities, a fastidious approach to case preparation, weeding out the unnecessary and focussing on the critical, being an effective negotiator and having sound judgment – allied with a warmth and approachability to clients.”

He achieves this through:

  • Meeting clients and witnesses at times and places of their choosing
  • Offering very extensive flexibility in terms of working very closely and in conjunction with clients
  • Making full use of technology

He has considerable expertise and experience in commercial dispute resolution having often been engaged in very high value and complex cases. This has involved him working within a range of courts to include the High Court and County Court (collectively embracing for example the Companies Court, Commercial Court and the Technology & Construction Courts) and various others. This experience and expertise also extends to mediation and arbitration (to include international arbitration).

Importantly however, he is equally happy in assisting clients with less complex issues.

He has represented clients living abroad and clients based in this country but with issues abroad.

He is able to offer the benefit of that expertise and experience gained over many years and to deliver it in a most effective manner. Click for full career history.

There is an additional benefit. Litigation is never desirable but is sometimes unavoidable, particularly when you are in business. Whether you are a company, partnership or individual, it is a drain on management resources and time - something that can prove very costly in itself. Because of our approach to matters, we can also help minimise that "loss" considerably.

Contact David Laws:

Tel: 01603 871126 | Mob: 07933 149810 | Email: dal@davidlaws-solicitors.com